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Frequently asked questions

What is the main purpose of the event?

#Ggold is a business networking event.

It is a networking platform offering selected professionals a time and space to discuss:

- the business problems they are faced with and were unable to solve on their own

- and trending topics at the intersection of business, technology, new concepts, progressive ideas, and collaboration possibilities.

How often, and how long is the event?

The event's series run on a monthly basis. Each edition takes up to 3 hours.


How can I attend the event?

Attendance is on an invitation basis only.

We curate top-of-their-field professionals who, together, are able to solve each other’s business problems and generate novel ideas on broader business topics.


What is the outcome of the event?


The attendees have the opportunity to solve their business problems, expand their network and enjoy their time.

In addition, the outcomes of every edition are summarized in an engaging format and shared on our website to benefit the world! The #Ggold papers.



Where does it take place?


#Ggold takes place in different spaces.

We curate spaces that provide a balance between comfort and focus, with the purpose to inspire the creative genius of the attendees.




What makes Ggold different from other business networking events?

#Ggold is a business networking event with a concept that stands apart.

We put immense thought into curating our professionals, as well as, moderators and spaces, with the purpose to provide a networking platform with optimal chances for benefit.

The most outstanding difference is the curation model for professionals. We fetch for top-of-their-field professionals, compose gatherings of complementary fields, and benefit from a snowball effect–in every edition, the attendees recommend professionals they believe would bring golden contributions–.



What's in it for us?


We do not make money, we are a cost-generating entity!


#Ggold is funded by its parent company FOR. This latter is a parent company to many entities, some of which are revenue-generating and benefit from the networking platform i.e. Ggold.

The lack of events of the like in Vienna prompted the idea for FOR to make one.


Does Ggold have any social mission?


#Ggold shares the #Ggold papers online–enabling the world to benefit from the outcomes of the event.

In addition, Ggold also contributes to society indirectly. FOR–the parent company–gives a share of its benefits to causes enhancing the functioning of democracy.



Why democracy?

The decision-making structure of our political party system is outdated and can no longer cope with the increasing complexity of technological developments.

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